17 AUG 2011

Category One Country Two Systems Principle
Issue Vice-Premier Li’s visit to Hong Kong
News Content Visiting vice-premier Li Keqiang met Chief Executive Donald Tsang in Hong Kong yesterday. According to Xinhua, Li told the chief executive and his governing team to maintain good spirit and try the best to resolve or reduce negative factors in society. The government needs to listen to voices from various sectors, and be practical and active in helping grass-roots communities to tackle their difficulties and alleviate pressure they face on their livelihoods. Li told Hong Kong officials that there were certain problems that have to be resolved as the city was facing challenges posed by changing economic situations. He asked the government to be practical and active in solving the economic problems faced by its grass-roots communities.
Questions According to the Basic Law, the central government is responsible for national defense and foreign relations of the SAR. However, the central govt officials have been actively commenting Hong Kong affairs other those two areas, which might leave an impression that the central government is crossing the line, not paying due regard to the principle of ‘one-country-two-systems’ principle. Only doing lip services to the sufferings of the grassroots will not enhance the governance. The Beijing officials should stop paying lip services every time the Beijing officials visit Hong Kong.